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Blackmagic Design BMD-VHUBSMART6G4040 Broadcast Accessories. Part code: BMD-VHUBSMART6G4040.

Blackmagic Design BMD-VHUBSMART6G4040

Smart Videohub 40 x 40 is an Ultra HD mixed format router with built in video monitoring and spin knob router control. Smart Videohub includes the latest 6G-SDI technology so you can simultaneously connect and route any combination of SD HD and Ultra HD video all on the same router at the same time. You also get revolutionary new visual routing that lets you see your router connections as video on the built in LCD as you scroll the knob to select your routing. Now you can route your video simply by looking at the video

Perfect for Portable Use
Broadcast grade routing that's easy to use
Smart Videohub is perfect for broadcast post or live production. Smart Videohub's super compact size means it's perfect for use in large broadcast systems or portable mini racks for live production where cameras switchers recording and monitors are all simply connected to Smart Videohub. Now you can avoid messy rewiring because you can connect everything to the router and then quickly change connections from job to job without reconnecting a single cable

Compact Design
Innovative control and monitoring in a compact design
Smart Videohub's beautiful machined aluminum design features new innovative video monitoring control. Now you can visually route video because the built in monitor lets you see live video crosspoint connection labels and TV formats displayed simultaneously. You can make selections with the spin knob or switch video with the dedicated button panel. The Smart Videohub features the amazing new control panel built in power supply network control and advanced 6G-SDI connections in a compact design. You can even configure all IP settings on the front of the unit without a computer

Visual Routing
Route your video by looking at it
Scan through video at lightning speed. Smart Videohub's super fast spin knob control lets you dial through your router cross points while displaying live video combined with custom on screen labels. Scroll order is arranged alphabetically so it’s easy to find the crosspoint you are looking for. The spin knob control combined with visual routing is the fastest way to route. Imagine scrolling through your connections while viewing them as live video on the LCD. On screen labels support unicode so they work in non Roman character sets such as Chinese Japanese Korean Russian German French Spanish and more. That means if you have labels in Japanese it will appear on the front panel in Japanese exactly the same as it appears on the software control panel on your computer.

Built in Video Monitoring
Built in video label and format monitoring
Now you can monitor all the live video connected to your Videohub. The built in LCD lets you see your video in virtually every TV format. That means you don't need a separate external monitor because it's built into the front panel of the router itself. You can look at any source or destination and confirm the correct video inputs are being sent to the correct video outputs. Built in monitoring is perfect when space is tight such as mini racks and broadcast trucks

Advanced 6G-SDI Technology
The highest quality digital video in SD HD and Ultra HD
Smart Videohub features advanced 6G-SDI connections that allow high resolution Ultra HD video using a single SDI connection while retaining full compatibility with all SD and HD-SDI equipment. You get the perfect quality of SDI video connections with the flexibility to work in any television format you like as well as 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 colour sampling. Even if you're not running in Ultra HD now you can still work in SD or HD today and be ready for Ultra HD when you need it

All Video Formats Simultaneously
Different formats frame rates and resolutions simultaneously
Smart Video includes multi format technology so you can simultaneously connect SD HD and Ultra HD equipment all on the same router at the same time. SDI products from Blackmagic Design will automatically detect the SDI video format when it changes and instantly switch standards. This means you can seamlessly work in NTSC and PAL SD 720 and 1080 HD and even 2160 Ultra HD at any frame rate all at the same time on the single router.


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