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Blackmagic Design BMD-VHUBSMARTE12G4040 Broadcast Accessories. Part code: BMD-VHUBSMARTE12G4040.

Blackmagic Design BMD-VHUBSMARTE12G4040

SD HD and Ultra HD
Be ready for the latest Ultra HD equipment. This Smart Videohub model features advanced 12G-SDI connections for Ultra HD that are also compatible with SD and HD-SDI equipment. That means you can connect virtually any device used in television production even old standard definition tape machines that are over 20 years old. You can even convert analog equipment to SDI by connecting the popular Blackmagic Mini Converters to your Smart Videohub. That means even the oldest as well as the newest broadcast equipment can be connected everywhere in your facility all on the same router at the same time.

Connect Your Workstations
Share broadcast displays and decks
Perfect for broadcast creative departments Smart Videohub lets multiple users share expensive equipment like broadcast decks or large presentation screens. You can use Smart Videohub in your editing or colour grading suites to monitor your output then switch to monitor the VTR when mastering out to tape. Smart Videohub makes it easy to share all your equipment from anywhere in your studio with the touch of a button.

Supercharge Digital Signage
Perfect for multi screen SD HD and Ultra HD distribution
Whether you’re feeding massive outdoor digital signs or distributing content to a series of HD displays Smart Videohub can help you manage the distribution of video to all of your screens from one central location or even over the internet. There’s even a free developer SDK if you need to integrate Videohub into an existing digital signage installation. Smart Videohub makes it simple to control even the largest network of digital signs and screens.

Live Performance
Glitch free video walls and projection
When you’re feeding massive video walls or projecting video behind performers live on stage you don’t want the audience to see jarring glitches when you switch sources. The Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12x12 router takes any kind of unsynchronized input from computers cameras and disk recorders and synchronizes them so you don’t have to connect house sync to each source. Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12x12 simplifies your entire production by arranging all of your sources into a simple crosspoint router that synchronizes everything automatically so the audience will see perfectly switched video.

Connect and share presentation equipment
Videohub makes it easy to share professional video equipment like broadcast decks between multiple presentation rooms all from a central location. That means you can share heavy and expensive video equipment without having to move it. HDMI gear like PCs and projectors can also be routed and shared when you connect them with Blackmagic Mini Converters. Videohub switching can be controlled from a single location or remotely from any presentation room.

Dub multiple formats without changing cables
Now you can instantly connect decks to each other without having to pull cables or manually patch video. You can even route the video from one deck through a professional converter like a Teranex and out to any other deck for pristine format conversions. Videohub routing means you never need to pull cables or change connections again. Everything can be routed using the built in control panel a remote panel or software on your Mac PC or iPad.

Live Sports at 60 fps
Now you can build 60 fps systems in Ultra HD
High frame rate Ultra HD makes content with fast motion like sports look incredible. Each frame is like a crystal clear still image that will make your viewers feel like they’re actually at the event. On larger multi camera productions you often have more camera feeds than your switcher has inputs. Adding a Smart Videohub 12G 40x40 can even give you the flexibility to connect up to 40 additional cameras and route them to your live switcher. The compact design of Smart Videohub is rugged enough to withstand the harsh live production environment and small enough to fit in the rack on an equipment truck. As new feeds and cameras are connected they can be routed to your switcher with the touch of a button. You’ll never have to change messy cables to organize switcher inputs again.

Elegant Design
With a machined metal design and easy to use front panel Smart Videohub’s are also built for the most demanding 24/7 broadcast environments and feature a unique design that gives you advanced technology in an incredibly small size. Featuring revolutionary visual routing combined with built in monitoring and front control panel Smart Videohub gives you up to 80 12G-SDI connections has a built in power supply external reference USB remote and network control ports all in a compact 1 RU design.

Machined Metal Design
Elegant and rugged aluminium front panel
The new Smart Videohub’s feature an elegant front panel that is machined from a solid block of aluminium. It looks great in your studio and is also strong enough to withstand the bumps and shocks when installed in outside broadcast vehicles. The front panel includes illuminated push buttons a full color video screen and a spin knob for visual routing control.

Front Panel Control
Find and select videosources quickly
The front panel of the new Smart Videohub features illuminated buttons for source and destination selections as well as function controls. Smart Videohub lets you select any destination and immediately see its current routed source. The fastest way to select a new source is to directly press the input you want and use the dedicated “Take” button to confirm and make the switch. All buttons are softly backlit and illuminate fully when selected so they can be read in even the darkest equipment room. IP settings and router configuration can easily be set from the front panel.

Visual Routing
The innovative design of Smart Videohub combines front panel controls and built in monitoring to give you all new revolutionary Visual Routing capabilities. Use the spin knob to quickly scroll through all of your SD HD and Ultra HD sources. It’s the fastest and most accurate way route video. As you spin the knob video is instantly displayed on the built in LCD along with source labels format and frame rate information. Visual Routing lets you route video quickly and more confidently than ever before.


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