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Datavideo DATA-TVS2000A Broadcast Accessories. Part code: DATA-TVS2000A.

Datavideo DATA-TVS2000A

TVS-2000A is the world’s first true 3D tracking virtual studio that utilize PTZ camera position tracking. Tracking the camera movement with a PTZ camera ensures a lifelike and convincing virtual experience. Using a 3D studio with PTZ tracking is another game changing invention of Datavideo that helps the end user create high-end productions in a cost effective way.

Setting up this virtual studio is not harder than setting up a regular PTZ oriented camera production. Since the studio relies on the position data from the camera movement you don’t need a tracking jib or crane. This solution will bring high-end virtual studio production right to your school local TV station or business.

More virtual set background and 3D objects database online for download on

• World first and only 3D Tracking Virtual Studio System using PTZ camera as tracking camera
• Integrated whole 3D tracking virtual studio system into a rack mount/desktop style RMC-280 control panel included for live virtual show and cameras control
• Supports Tracking Virtual Studio and Trackless Virtual Studio simultaneously
• With 2 channels SDI input can simulate 4 camera studio operation (Trackless Mode)
• All 4 virtual cameras have real pan tilt zoom movements
• 1 channel HDMI AUX input for powerpoint from laptop or any other live video sources
• Supports Mini phone jack audio input can embed external audio into SDI/HDMI PGM output
• 2x DSK to add CG and animations to the scene
• Come with 10 function keys (F1-F10) can help to set quick animation change scene or media content. Making production easier
• Chromakey wizard helps to achieve perfect keying effect
• 3D tracking virtual studio system using Datavideo PTC camera as tracking camera setup a tracking virtual studio fast and easy
• TVS-2000A has Virtual Studio Switcher Character Generator Recorder and Streaming functions built-in
• Built-in free Virtual Set Wizard and massive amounts of 3D objects to guiding user step by step to build up a customized 3D virtual studio
• More virtual set background and 3D objects database online for download on
• Amazingly high CP value suitable for all kinds of user from schools TV stations to personal production studios


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