Datavideo DATA-PTC140T3/HS1600TKIT (Broadcast Camera)

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Datavideo DATA-PTC140T3/HS1600TKIT Broadcast Camera. Part code: DATA-PTC140T3/HS1600TKIT.

Datavideo DATA-PTC140T3/HS1600TKIT

Data Video DATA-PTC140T3/HS1600TKIT

This Datavideo PTZ bundle around the PTC-140T and also includes HS-1600T portable studio.
The PTC-140T is a low-cost HDBaseT PTZ camera which features 20x optical zoom 10 digital zoom. The PTC-140T is an IP camera as well supporting H.264/H.265 video compression and dual stream output.

The HS-1600T Portable Video Studio supports Full HD 1080P and is designed for religious education and AV markets.
Its built-in HDBaseT technology can receive Full HD 1080p signals from PTC-140T via CAT6 cable (maximum distance 100 meters).
It's also equipped with the PoE solution to provide power to three PTC-140T. The HS-1600T has Joystick control for Pan Tilt and Zoom of the PTC-140T. In addition the HS-1600T also allows the user to adjust the cameras Focus IRIS and other settings. HS-1600T features easy-to-use video streaming and recording for users who need to simultaneously stream a live event and record the master quality version for post-event editing.

Kit Includes:
• 3x PTC-140T HDBaseT PTZ Camera.
• Heavy duty case with rubber seals to protect valuable equipment from water & dust.
• Custom foam hardcase.
• HS-1600T HDBaseT 4 input Portable Video Studio.

In the Box
• 3x PTC-140T
• 3x Ceiling Mount Bracket-A
• 3x Ceiling Mount Bracket -B
• 18x Ceiling Mount Bracket screw M3*4mm
• 3x IR Remote Controller
• 3x DC 12V adaptor
• 3x UK Figure 8 Power Cable
• 1x Heavy duty case with custom foam

• 1x HS-1600T.
• 1x AD Switch DC 48V with AC Cord.
• 3x Ethernet Cable.


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Datavideo DATA-PTC140T3/HS1600TKIT.
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