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Dexon DIVIP404K

DEXON Systems® provide high quality intelligent video processors to handle 4 inputs and control 4 output signals in demanding AV projects. The standalone units accept HDMI input signals scale them to the desired resolution and map them to the required position over the video wall. Professional scaling and format conversion make the product an essential part of AV projects where different input signals must be presented on a video wall surface.
Advanced signal processing provides the highest quality and crystal clear video picture without loss of frames. Intuitive services as individual arrangements of windows and PIP ensure easy integration. Easy-to-use configuration and control can be performed locally through push buttons or remotely through LAN connection.

• Tiny video processor to form and control small video wall of different layouts and resolutions
• Handles 4K HDMI inputs
• Controls 4-screen video wall surface made of 4K monitors
• High quality scaling up or scaling down of input signals
• Arbitrary arrangements and scaling of video inputs on the video wall surface
• Seamless switching
• Fade and Wipe transition effects
• Full HDCP support for input signals and output connections
• Embedded and separate audio switching
• Remote control with professional graphics user interface from any Windows brosers
• Easy-to-use graphics user interface for configuration and control through notebooks via LAN connection
• 19 rack-mountable 1.5U high enclosure


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Dexon DIVIP404K.
Product Category: Video Wall Solutions.