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Dexon DXN-DIMAX804H Matrix Switcher Video Wall Solutions. Part code: DIMAX804H.

Dexon DXN-DIMAX804H Matrix Switcher

Dexon DIMAX Matrix Switcher 8x4 Digital Only Inputs

DEXON Systems’ DIMAX Matrix Switchers are vital components in demanding AV projects where different input signals must be switched to any or multiple outputs. They serve presentation digital signage or conference room applications that demand the best equipment in order to deliver complete solution. DEXON’s Intelligent Matrix (DIMAX) provides perfect solution with smart features as multi-format input handling quality scaling and seamless switching. DIMAX Family offers superior design excellent price/performance balance brilliant video quality and high reliability tailored to challenging AV projects. Easy installation and usage is guaranteed by DEXON’s intuitive man-machine interface.

Three versions of DIMAX404 are available:

DIMAX404U - Handles Universal Inputs (Composite S-video Component RGB DVI HDMI)
DIMAX404H - Handles only DVI/HDMI input sources
DIMAX804H - 8 input / 4 output handles only DVI/HDMI input sources


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