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Barco ClickShare CS-100 Huddle

ClickShare CS-100 Huddle Wireless Presentation System

Collaborate better in small teams. Huddle spaces are creative flexible straightforward and intuitive spaces where you bring your own device to share discuss interact. Quick and easy.

That is why Barco has developed ClickShare CS-100 Huddle. With this wireless presentation system designed for spontaneous collaboration in huddle spaces users can simply share what’s on their laptop or mobile device on the presentation screen. No cables no set-up no waiting to join in. Focus on what matters.

Turn huddle spaces into vibrant collaboration spaces
The CS-100 Huddle brings quick creative content sharing to small meeting and huddle rooms. It provides your enterprise a uniform meeting experience from huddle space to boardroom. Anyone – including guests – can connect and share no need for training. Use the ClickShare App to get the content from your device on the meeting room screen. Make sure to have the latest firmware installed on your Base Unit to enable the best experience with the Desktop App. Or order the ClickShare Button in addition to the package for enriched straightforward content sharing.

Fit for your company
The CS-100 Huddle is a stand-alone model with an HDMI output that allows up to 8 users to connect and with one user sharing at a time. It can also be integrated in the company network and centrally managed to enjoy a uniform experience from your huddle space to your boardroom. The CS-100 Huddle includes the standard ClickShare security features including encryption login management https and the possibility to hide the SSID of the Base Unit’s wireless network.

The CS-100 Huddle is a product created with ISO 27001 certified flows and processes.

Key features
• Wireless connection to central screen
• 1 user on-screen
• Share from laptop tablet or smartphone
• HDMI output


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Barco R9861510HEU.
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