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Barco ClickShare USB-C Button

ClickShare wireless USB-C Button
The most iconic component of our wireless collaboration solution ClickShare Button puts the “Click” into ClickShare. Plug one of these devices into your laptop start the application and click the Button and you are ready to share your content using the meeting room’s AV equipment.

The ClickShare Button is a product created with ISO 27001 certified flows and processes.

To ensure that your content is displayed on the right screen every ClickShare Button is paired with a ClickShare Base Unit. The pairing process is quick and simple so ClickShare Buttons can be transferred across meeting rooms without a problem. Multiple ClickShare Buttons can be paired to the ClickShare Base Unit and depending on the Base Unit one can share with up to eight people on-screen at the same time.

The possibility to use a USB-C Button or a regular Button makes ClickShare king of any meetings since it works with any laptop and offers a seamless user experience in any type of meeting room. Works with any USB-A port when using a USB-C to USB-A connector.


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Barco R9861500D01C.
Product Category: Wireless Collaboration.