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BIAMP 0300.900

Biamp 0300.900

Product Overview
The Tesira SERVER is a digital network server. It is factory configured with one DSP-2 card and can accept up to a total of eight DSP-2 cards. The SERVER is also factory configured with one AVB-1 card and has a second slot that can be outfitted with an additional AVB-1 card a 32 x 32 channel SCM-1 CobraNet card a 64 x 64 channel DAN-1 Dante™ card or a standard I/O card for four channels of local I/O. The SERVER is the core of a Tesira digital audio system and can be used with Tesira expanders to form a highly scalable audio network. Two Tesira SERVERs can also be designed as a redundant pair carrying identical processing and card configurations. The secondary SERVER stays ‘live’ with the primary updating runtime parameters. If the primary SERVER should need maintenance the secondary takes over with no loss of continuity or downtime.

Key Features
• Supports up to 8 DSP-2 cards.
• Up to 420 x 420 channels of digital I/O over AVB.
• Supports optional 32 x 32 CobraNet audio networking.
• Supports optional 64 x 64 Dante audio networking.
• System configuration and control via Ethernet or serial connection.
• Front panel OLED display for device and system information.
• SpeechSense™ and AmbientSense™ processing algorithms.
• Signal processing via intuitive software allows configuration and control for: signal routing and mixing equalization filtering dynamics delay and much more.
• Extensive input output and logic expansion devices supported as part of the Tesira digital audio networking platform.
• Rack mountable (3RU).
• CE marked UL listed and RoHS compliant.
• Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty.

Single/ PairSingle
Warranty5 Years

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