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BIAMP 0278.900

Biamp 0278.900

Product Overview
The Tesira SERVER-IO is a digital network server. It is factory configured with one DSP-2 card and is capable of handling up to two additional DSP-2 cards. The SERVER-IO has capacity for up to three total audio networking cards per server. The combinations of networking cards may include one AVB-1 Audio Video Bridging network cards up to two SCM-1 CobraNet network cards and up to two DAN-1 Dante network cards in any configuration. The SERVER-IO can support up to 12 standard Tesira I/O cards for up to 48 channels of audio I/O (e.g. mic and line level VoIP and FXO telephone interface). The SERVER-IO can be used as a standalone device or with Tesira expanders to form a highly scalable audio network.

Key Features
• Supports up to 3 DSP-2 cards.
• Supports up to 12 I/O cards with a maximum of 48 channels of analog audio.
• Up to 420 x 420 channels of digital I/O over AVB.
• Supports optional 32 x 32 CobraNet audio networking.
• Supports optional 64 x 64 Dante audio networking.
• System configuration and control via Ethernet or serial connection.
• Front panel OLED display for device and system information.
• SpeechSense™ and AmbientSense™ processing algorithms.
• Signal processing via intuitive software allows configuration and control for: signal routing and mixing equalization filtering dynamics delay and much more.
• Extensive input output and logic expansion devices supported as part of the Tesira digital audio networking platform
• Rack mountable (3RU).
• CE marked UL listed and RoHS compliant.
• Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty.

Single/ PairSingle
Warranty5 Years

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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code BIAMP 0278.900.
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