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BIAMP Vocia TTS-1nce

Vocia TTS-1nce Messaging Processor

The TTS-1nce is designed to work in conjunction with a Vocia Message Server 1e (MS-1e) to enable text-to-speech messaging as part of a Vocia system solution. The TTS-1nce uses Ethernet-based control protocols in conjunction with CobraNet to function within a Biamp Vocia system and constructs announcements using a set of user-defined templates. The TTS-1nce interfaces with Rauland-Borg Nurse Call systems.

• Text-to-speech announcement creation via web interface
• Rauland-Borg Nurse Call Responder 5 Interface
• Announcements in multiple languages and voices
• User-defined templates
• Status LED
• Ability to interface with third party control systems via IP (TTS-1nce VTP)
• Vocia Message Server 1e (MS-1e) required for operation
• Rack mountable (1RU)
• Rotary switches for unit identification
• CE marked and RoHS compliant
• Covered by Biamp Systems’ two-year warranty


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