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JBL PRO DSX280 Loudspeaker. Part code: JBL1473.


The Intellivox-DSX280 HD is capable of providing a constant sound pressure level over a distance of up to 35 m although a substantial extension of this range can be achieved in less demanding acoustical conditions. The twelve custom designed 4” loudspeakers and four discretely controlled 1 dome tweeters are driven by a sixteen channel class-D amplifier powered by a sophisticated switched mode power supply all of which combine to ensure years of reliable operation.

The individually driven horn loaded dome tweeters in the DSX HD units provide unsurpassed high frequency vertical beam control while improving the horizontal coverage and enhancing the subjective sound quality of the system for both speech and music.

An extensive set of surveillance functions have also been implemented to meet the stringent demands of typical Voice Alarm (life safety) applications. The unit can be controlled using our proprietary WinControl software which offers user friendly control of the beam steering parameters audio processing pre-sets and surveillance features. Its compact array length makes the Intellivox-DSX280 HD suitable for easy and unobtrusive implementation in even the most architecturally sensitive environment. The low frequency response of the system can be easily extended using a JBL sub woofer system.

• Extended Frequency Response - up to 18kHz
• Higher Fidelity
• Wide Horizontal Dispersion
• Vertical Beam Shaping (DDS Technology)
• 32-bit floating point DSP
• Control of Vertical Beam Shaping
• Dual Line Inputs
• Volume Control
• Delay (up to 20 seconds)
• 8 band parametric EQ
• 8 user definable password protected presets on board (recallable through third party control devices)
• AVC (Automatic Volume Control) via build-in ambient mic.
• Upgradeable firmware
• Network Ready
• Integral Surveillance
• Simulation via DDA Catt-Acoustic Odeon and EASE4.3

Single/ PairSingle
Dimensions W/O Stand (W x H x D)2800 x 134 x 92 mm
Weight25 Kg

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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code JBL PRO JBL1473.
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