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Panasonic ET-D3LEF70 Projector Lenses. Part code: ET-D3LEF70.

Panasonic ET-D3LEF70

Making Dome Projection a Reality That’s Larger than Life

Wide effective image circle supports high brightness and ultra-high-resolution projection

The ET-D3LEF70 supports WQXGA (4K+) ultra-high-resolution image projection at up to 30000 lm brightness. Installation flexibility is supported by wide lens-shift (vertical: up to ± 37 % horizontal: up to ± 17 %)*1.

Flexible installation for dome projection

A wide 91.6-degree*2 viewing angle achieves maximum screen coverage with a single projector where multiple projectors were previously required to cover the same area. The ET-D3LEF70 is adapted for dome-theater applications in planetariums video domes at exhibitions or theme-park attractions. Transport your audience into a lifelike environment to inspire an unparalleled sense of “being there.” When deployed in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) applications participants don’t need goggles as the lens produces dynamic picture realism across the entire screen circumference.

Accurate Image Plane Correction for focus consistency

The focus balance between the center and the periphery of the screen is adjustable no matter how big or small the screen. Even at short throw distances the lens corrects for optimal focusing of the outer areas of the image and displays extraordinarily clear and vivid resolution across the whole screen.

Planetariums Dome Theaters and Theme Parks

Unlock the potential of your space. Combine the ET-D3LEF70 a Panasonic 4K+ projector and quality video content to see attendance figures soar. This lens makes the creation of new theme-park attractions possible with full-dome coverage and excellent flexibility.

Events and Exhibitions

Make your client’s exhibit the talk of the trade show exposition or event with a portable video dome. Image Plane Correction is supported at short projection distances while wide lens-shift enables highly flexible and easy installation.


From driver education pilot training to ship maneuvering the ET-D3LEF70 brings true-to-life environments alive in your simulation suite.


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