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Elite R135DHD5

The CineGrey 5D® is an angular reflective front projection material designed to reject ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality. The CineGrey 5D® is the perfect solution for rooms that have little or no control over incidental light. This means that it's an ideal fit for family rooms as well as lecture halls boardrooms sports bars training facilities and other business environments. In addition the CineGrey 5D® increases projector brightness 1.5 times the amount. This is perfect for low lumens ouput projectors!

The CineGrey 5D® is superior to traditional white or gray materials in its ability to maintain a sharp bright image regardless of ambient light. The angular reflective material incorporates a diffusion layer over a highl reflective surface. This causes direct light from the projector to reflect squarely into the viewer's field of vision while the outer contrast layer enhances image quality while absorbing indirect ambient light.

• ISF Certified for accurate color points color temperature and dynamic range
• Polarized 3D material
• Contrast enhancement
• Superb color balance
• Angular reflective
• Ambient Light Rejecting
• 1.5 Gain
• Active 3D 4K Ultra HD and HDR Ready
• Counters wash-out effect from ambient light
• Lower cost than higher end matte white or gray screen products
Available in the following diagonal sizes:
• 84 92 100 110 120 135 150 165 180 and 200 in 16:9 format

Diagonal Screen Size (inch)135
Viewing Area (WxH) cm66.2 x 117.7
Warranty2 Year

This item is not currently in stock, but is on order. Current due date is 09/09/2019.
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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Elite R135DHD5.
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