Elite Projector Screens Manual

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Elite Fixed Frame Projector Screens Manual. Part code: ER150WH1.

Elite Fixed Frame

Fixed Frame332cm x 187cm Viewing Area 150 Diagonal 16:9 Format Matte White - Black Velvet Frame Sable Frame Series

Screen Material:
• Highly Versatile CineWhite 1.1 flat tensioned screen
• Standard black backed screen material eliminates
light penetration
• Optional rear (WraithVeil) and sound transparent
(AcousticPro1080P3) materials
• CineGrey models available in 2.35:1 models
Frame and Installation:
• Adjustable fix plates provide equal tension over the
entire projection surface
• Sliding wall mount is horizontally adjustable for easy
picture centering
• Black velvet surfaced 2.36 aluminum contour frame
enhances picture contrast
• Available diagonal sizes from 92 - 200 in 16:9HDTV
and 2.35:1 Cinemascope aspect ratios
Quality and Reliability:
• Standard 2-year parts and labor warranty
• 3-year warranty for ENR-G (Educational Non-profit
Religious or Government/Military) - US only
• ETL FCC CE CB GOSTCE & ISO9001:2008 Certified

Screen TypeFixed Frame
Diagonal Screen Size (inch)150
Viewing Area (WxH) cm332 x 187
FabricMatte White

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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Elite ER150WH1.
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