Yamaha UC ELITEEXEC8 (Audio-conference mics)

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Designed to provide exceptional audio quality in the most demanding environments – high-end boardrooms large auditoriums and beyond – these microphone systems offer the ultimate in configuration flexibility and freedom. As the latest addition to Yamaha's family of boardroom and conference room solutions Executive Elite wireless microphone systems are built to handle more. They work by separating the remote antenna receiver from the base digital signal-processing (DSP) unit creating a distributed architecture that supports up to 44 microphones in one area in the US South America and Japan and up to 76 microphones in Europe Africa Asia and Australia. Plus they’re designed to provide enhanced integration with room control systems all while providing users with the freedom of natural movement and the security of 256-bit encryption.

• Combine multiple systems for a large number of microphones in one space - up to 44 in Americas; up to 76 in Europe Asia Africa Australia
• Easy Integration with other room components; 4 & 8 channel support analog and digital audio (AVB)
• Optimized for speech with best signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic pickup range to enhance the intelligibility of speech
• Separate antenna and processor for the widest variety of installation options
• Local and remote management for flexible and convenient administration
• Mix and match any combination of Elite™ wearable gooseneck and tabletop microphones (sold separately)
• 256-bit AES Encryption with automatic rekeying every few minutes keeps the signal secure from eavesdropping
• Aautomatic firmware synchronization that matches microphone and base unit firmware for hassle-free maintanence
• Charging base makes it easy to always keep fully charged microphones available
• All microphones use field replaceable rechargeable batteries


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Yamaha UC ELITEEXEC8.
Product Category: Audio-conference mics.