Yamaha Commercial 02R96VCM (Mixers)

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Yamaha Commercial 02R96VCM Mixers. Part code: 02R96VCM.

Yamaha Commercial 02R96VCM

The 02R96VCM is a new revolution in a line of production consoles that has evolved over the years in response to user needs become the de facto standard for production consoles: the 02R debuting in 1995 and a fundamental reason for Yamaha's 2007 Technical Grammy Award 2002's 02R96 and the 02R96 Version 2 released in 2004.Featuring 56 input channels and 18 mixing busses the 02R96VCM is backed by the impressive processing power of a custom Yamaha DSP7 LSI and offers the same array of robust channel functions as the DM2000 on its inputs and outputs. Its selected channel system fuses the controllability of a digital mixer with the feel of an analog desk for fast intuitive operation when you need it. The analog input stages on the 02R96VCM feature head amps descended from those of the DM2000 developed with the input of engineers from around the world to provide transparent sound that's perfect for the professional domain.Want more? Take a look at the 5 new plug-in packages that give you both space and creativity in the production workplace. Or consider the digital domain where EQ compressor tape saturation and guitar effector VCM plug-ins offer the warmth and depth of analog circuitry. The 02R96VCM also boasts the outstanding REV-X reverb algorithm introduced in the SPX2000. What's more it comes equipped with iSSP technology that makes creating realistic sound fields easy giving you functionality within the console that would otherwise require outboard effects.The 02R96VCM also offers a high degree of integration with Digital Audio Workstations and is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh versions of Studio Manager Version 2 allowing your PC and console to work together seamlessly. Certified to the global THX pm3 standard for surround equipment it features four MY card slots whose open architecture design provides compatibility with a slew of I/O formats.The 02R96VCM:a new revolution in a line of trusted digital consoles created to support you in the production workplace.

A Complete Revamp of the Legendary 02R
After its release in August 1995 the 02R rapidly became the de-facto digital console standard for musicians and engineers around the globe. The 02R96 picks up where the 02R left off implementing the most advanced digital audio technology developed and refined in parallel with development of the top-of-the-line DM2000 console. The result is that the 02R96 surpasses the 02R in every respect: audio quality processing power and DAW integration capability. Where the 02R had 21 motor faders the 02R96 has 25. Other additions include recorder control keys user defined keys and dramatically improved operability overall. But since it has the same footprint as the 02R it can be used as a direct replacement without requiring major infrastructure changes.

Precise 24-bit/96-kHz Audio and High-performance Head Amps
Advanced custom DSP7 LSIs feature 32-bit internal processing (58-bit accumulator) at extremely high speed. Full functionality is provided when mixing all 56 channels at 96 kHz. All analog inputs and outputs - including the 16 microphone/line inputs - employ precision 24-bit A/D and D/A converters for an outstanding 110-dB dynamic range. Top-performance head amplifiers provide precise uncolored pre-amplification prior to A/D conversion and optimum circuit configurations and parts for all stages of the design were determined through repeated listening tests by some of the best ears in the industry.

56-input 18-bus Mix Capacity at 96 kHz
Although it maintains the same compact desk-top dimensions as the 02R the 02R96 offers generous mixing capacity with up to 56 simultaneous inputs. All 56 input channels include four-band parametric EQ gating compression/limiting and up to 453 milliseconds of delay with variable feedback. What's more all of this functionality is available at 96 kHz. The output section also offers plenty of versatility with 18 buses: 8 group buses 8 auxiliary buses and a stereo bus. Group buses 1 through 6 also function as surround buses and a Bus to Stereo function allows sound-reinforcement type sub-mixing as well as easy downmixing of 5.1 or 3-1 surround to stereo. Of the 8 auxiliary buses 1 through 6 can be used as surround effect sends and there's a Unity function that automatically sets the auxiliary buses to nominal (0 dB) level so they can be used as additional group buses.

Powerful Channel Functions with Flexible Control and Patching
All 56 input channels 8 group buses 8 auxiliary buses and stereo bus feature powerful mixing functions including gate and compressor dynamics processing input attenuation four-band parametric EQ with a choice of Type I and Type II algorithms channel inserts delay surround and stereo panning and phase. Easy-access dedicated controllers are provided for routing auxiliary send dynamics stereo and surround panning and EQ. Control data is graphically displayed via the LCD screen and can be saved in libraries for easy recall whenever needed. All inputs outputs insert patch points direct outputs and effect sends and returns can be freely patched to configure the system as required via graphical on-screen digital patching displays: for example you could patch one input to multiple channels or assign the signal from one bus to multiple outputs. The encoders associated with each fader can be used to make input patch and direct out settings and you can save your patch settings as library data for recall when needed.

Versatile Connectivity for a Wide Range of Applications
The 02R96 rear panel provides 16 microphone/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jacks that feature top-performance head amplifiers for outstanding audio quality. These inputs also offer insert I/O jacks with bypass switches and individual phantom power switches. There are five 2-track inputs: two analog and three digital with built-in sample rate converters. All analog inputs and outputs employ precision 24-bit 96-kHz converters. Eight versatile omni outputs can be used for stereo or surround monitoring. One AES/EBU format digital stereo output and two coaxial digital stereo outputs provide a total of three digital outs for broad connectivity.

Comprehensive Interface with Touch-sensitive 100-mm Motor Faders
24 faders provide access to the console's 56 input channels in three layers: 1 through 24 25 through 48 and 49 through 56 plus master. Add the stereo master and you have a total of 25 top-quality 100-millimeter motor faders with high 8-bit/256-step resolution. The bus and auxiliary faders are provided in another layer and a remote layer is provided for external device control. A Fader Mode key additionally allows the auxiliary send levels to be assigned to the faders. The rotary encoder and switch associated with each fader can be switched to any of four modes via the Encoder Mode key. The encoders can be used for panning or auxiliary send as well any two functions you assign. You could assign input patching or direct out assignments to the encoders to allow fast efficient setup in your specific work environment.


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