Projector & Audio-Visual Installation


The Planning Stage

The first stage of planning an audiovisual installation would generally involve a chat with you to establish your intended usage and a few details about the intended location(s). From here it should be possible to offer a few options in terms of equipment required. If projector installation is required a site visit would be required to consider the exact equipment specifications and how much work will be involved in making good the installation. Any other issues relating to the installation which had not been previously considered will come to light at this point. At this point we would be in a position to offer a quote to undertake the installation work.

Equipment Considerations

We can supply most makes and models of projector and accessories although we do tend to recommend those makes and models which we find superior. Through hard experience we have discovered that the manufacturers specifications often mean next to nothing in terms of brightness and image quality. We also consider factors like manufacturer support (ie. is it in the UK, or not). We would further consider all other factors, for instance some usages require instant on/off facility, full network control, etc. We recommend certain makes and models for smoke filled nightclubs & public houses depending upon the manufacurers warranty terms etc. (Nothing will diminish the quality of the projector quicker than a smokey environment). We are able to provide a wide range fo control options too from basic infrared remotes supplied with most projector through to custom multifunction control points, etc.


For installation in public places such as public houses, theatres, conference venues, etc then security is an important consideration. If the equipment is accessible to the public then we can provide appropriate security devices as required. These can range from lockable cabinets (bolted in place as necessary) to alarms or kensington locks making easy theft impossible.

Placing an Order

Once a system specific quote has been prepared and accepted we can then go ahead and order the appropriate equipment for the job and set an installation date. Installation in most instances will not take too long long, depending upon the complexity of the job - Obviously we will be able to give you an idea of how long at the point of offering a quote. We do undertake to make all works as tidy as possible, obviously fitting of faceplace, sockets, cabling, controllers and so on will also have been discussed and detailed in the quote.

Customer Support

Our products are supplied with full manufacturers warranty which can range 1 - 5 years. We do take this factor into consideration when recommending equipment. It should be note that lamps are generally not covered by warranties as they are a consummable (uinless they fail within the lamp life). As we are a local hire company we can offer an emergency backup service from our hire stock for customers who have an unrectifiable problem.

Payment terms

These are negotiable but in general, for most customers we would expect settlement upon completion of the job. It should be noted that all goods remain the property of our company until full payment is made. We accept payment by cheque, BACS, cash or card.

Our Work

Here is a case study on a 360 degree immersive projection in Yotel on Queen Street in Edinburgh that we provided hardware and installation services for on behalf of Funktioncreep.