AMX NMX-WP-N2410 FGN2410 (AV over IP)

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AMX NMX-WP-N2410 AV over IP. Part code: FGN2410.


The AMX NMX-WP-N2410 4K60 4:4:4 Windowing Processor functions with the N2400 Series of Video over IP Encoders and Decoders. The NMX-WP-N2410 is capable of handling multiple real-time 4K60 networked AV streams with no video input or output connectors – using only a single network port. This is a fundamental shift in the way professional AV technologies have traditionally addressed windowing but one that increases capability and flexibility while reducing installation and support costs. With the NMX-WP-N2410 users can combine up to four HD sources together into a single 4K image as well as mix 4K and HD sources in any configuration.

The N2400 Series Windowing Processor is a 1RU rack-mount 4x1 windowing appliance that connects to an N2400 Series Video over IP network and accepts up to four video streams from AMX N2400 Series encoders. Each input can be cropped scaled and positioned according to stored presets (such as quad window-in-window 3+1 etc.) or in any user-defined configuration. The combined output video stream is then streamed to one or more N2400 Series Decoders at resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4. Multiple 4x1 windowing processors can be stacked to give 7x1 10x1 13x1 16x1 or higher capability

Up to 4 Video Streams – Accepts up to four independent video streams in addition to user-defined static backgrounds.
4x1 Windowing + Stacking – 4x1 windowing with stacking capability.
4K60 4:4:4 Output – Output to the latest displays with no loss of quality.
Built-In Web Interface – Easy-to-use built-in web browser interface provides pallets to manipulate each ‘window’ stream: Crop scale and position in seconds.
Audio Matrix Switch – Built-in audio matrix switch allows selection of any audio stream for Windowing Processor output.
Locate Anywhere on the Video Network – Networked AV inputs and outputs mean the N2410 does not have to be located near the sources or the displays which often have space limitations.
Retrofit Capable – Easily retrofits to an existing N2400 Series video network.


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code AMX FGN2410.
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