Vaddio 999-5660-501 (Broadcast Camera)

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Vaddio 999-5660-501 Broadcast Camera. Part code: 999-5660-501.

Vaddio 999-5660-501

The AV Bridge MatrixMIX AV Switcher is an 8x2 video mixer that also provides multiviewer output. Its 11x7 audio mixer supports analog HDMI USB and IP audio channels. It offers embedded RTSP IP and USB 3.0 output streaming plus two graphic keying layers per output channel.

The system's PCC MatrixMIX Camera Controller and TeleTouch 27 USB Touch-Screen Multiviewer plus Vaddio cameras audio devices or trigger sensors you can create customized solutions for a number of specific applications:

• Use as a production switcher in a live event application (live streaming switcher)
• Configure as a local presentation switcher for a lecture capture application in a larger lecture hall
• Configure for a PC-based collaboration session
• Because the AV Bridge MatrixMIX can be controlled remotely an operator can use it in large enterprise and higher education applications where a centralized control center is used to control multiple AV rooms

Simple to operate
Because it is easy to use an IT staffer or volunteers at a house of worship can create a first-rate production without extensive training. With the AV Bridge MatrixMIX and the TeleTouch MultiViewer the user simply touches the screen for live video production to choose which camera scene to use and it goes live.


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Vaddio 999-5660-501.
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