Kramer Electronics 29-70001530 (CAT5)

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Kramer Electronics 29-70001530

8K–Ready 34–Port Multi–Format Digital Matrix Switcher with Interchangeable I/Os

VS−34FD is a high performance 34−port 8K−ready multi−format modular matrix switcher for AV signals including HDMI™ HDBaseT Fiber Optic VGA SDI as well as analog and digital audio. The modular chassis features 17 slots for installing a full range of input/output modules and can be populated as 2x32 32x2 or any other configuration in between in increments of two inputs or two outputs. The chassis includes a control module and an additional redundant power supply for optional installation.

• High–Performance Modular Matrix Switcher — Professional 8K–ready matrix for switching multi–format AV signals. Features Kramer Equalization & re–Klocking™ Technology that rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances. For optimum range and performance use recommended Kramer cables.
• Modular & Easily Configurable Platform — Input and output module types can be mixed and added in increments of 2 creating a matrix of 2 x 32 32 x 2 or any configuration in between. Select from a full array of popular and legacy formats to populate the chassis. This matrix is compatible with some existing modular matrix modules.
• Flexible Infrastructure Conversion — Kramer Core™ technology enables copper or twisted pair to be used at the same time according to input/output module selection. The matrix receives signals from compatible Kramer transmitters automatically converts between available infrastructure options and sends the signals to compatible Kramer receivers.
• Build–in Independent Analog Audio Matrix — Allow audio independent routing through the VS–34FD.
• Integrated Ethernet Switch — Enables a single Ethernet cable connection to allow network distribution to all HDBaseT far end extender devices.
• Quick and Efficient Management — Compatible with Kramer Network enterprise management platform providing: Automatic discovery through the network FW upgrade management for matrix and cards identification of card type and location and indication of card status (module ID actual firmware versions) matrix switching specific card features configuration (for example volume levels on audio cards) store and recall of predefined switching scenarios and more.
• Content Protection Support — HDCP 2.2 compliant with compatible DVI HDMI and HDBaseT modules. Supports disabling HDCP when needed.
• Fast Switching Support on Outputs Configuration — Reduces or removes switching delay.
• EDID Management — Individual EDID management per input. Captures and stores the EDID from a display device.
• Second Power Supply — Redundant hot–swappable (purchased separately).
• Flexible Control Options — Local control from the front panel including: switching executing multiple switches simultaneously storage and recall of multiple switching configurations front panel lockout. Distance control with user–friendly web GUI via Ethernet and Protocol 3000 API via Ethernet or RS–232.
• Modular Cooling System — 2 easily replaceable low–noise hot–swappable fan racks.
• Cost–Effective Maintenance — Power and error LED and LCD display facilitate easy local maintenance and troubleshooting. Local FW upgrade via mini USB port in/out audio jacks for unit testing and reset button for convenient unit reset (for future use) ensure lasting field–proven deployment.
• Easy Installation — 19” enclosure for rack mounting in a 4U rack space with included rack ears and universal 100–240V AC power supply.


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Kramer Electronics 29-70001530.
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