AMX FG5969-35 (Control Systems)

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AMX FG5969-35 Control Systems. Part code: FG5969-35.

AMX FG5969-35

The MXT-2001-PAN / 20.3 Modero X® Series G5 Tabletop Touch Panel is a premium user interface that includes the G5 graphics engine and delivers superior performance. Designed specifically for dedicated room control this elegantly-styled touch panel provides fast and smooth animations and transitions along with a quad-core processor that provides more than enough processing power to run the most demanding applications today and in the future. The MXT-2001-PAN also includes a built-in web browser and document viewers enabling users to access real-time information during meetings or lectures.

The Modero X Series G5 Touch Panels provide several industry firsts including a beautiful panoramic capacitive multi-touch screen that provides users access to multiple applications with minimal navigation. The distinctive low-profile design is engineered to sit perfectly on a table without obstructing views and comes with a variety of mounting options for added security and convenience.

Common Applications
• The MXT-2001-PAN is ideal for boardrooms conference rooms or auditoriums where a panoramic control surface is needed to provide access to multiple functions simultaneously while remaining elegantly unobtrusive.
• In Higher Education the MXT-2001-PAN is ideal for lecture halls auditoriums performing arts theaters and boardrooms that require extensive control capabilities.
• In residences it is perfect for main living areas such as kitchens living rooms home theaters or home offices where the control surface can be used to manage systems throughout the home.


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Product Category: Control Systems.