BrightSign Media Player LS445 (Digital Signage)

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We are an authorised Brightsign reseller and can supply their full current range of media players. We can advise and supply systems designed to meet specific client needs ranging from basic looping playback to complex multi-screen and multi-site options. Updating can be achieved remotely via locally, via LAN, FTP site or via the Brightsign network and complex scheduling and interactivity options are possible. We have a large stock of Brightsign media players in rental stock if short term use is required.

We actively use Brightsign media players in temporary and permanent installation situations so we are able to use our real life experience to advise on how best to achieve ytour aims. Generally the key work can be done at the planning and configuration stage and from there updates can be acheived in a relatively straightforward manner as the flexibility of the system can offer a bewildering array of options when presented to the initial user. The media playback is from a removable mini SD card and there are no moving parts which offer great reliability - usually the only limitation is the choice of SD card which wear out eventually. We can advise on reliable options.

BrightSign LS445 Media Player

LS445 Media Player - H.265 4K HTML5 graphics & digital audio ideal for looping video simple HTML5 widgets and animation and single touchscreen experiences

Built for Popular Digital Signage Experiences
Delivering affordable powerful performance.

• Runs mainstream HTML5 motion graphics and audio
• Powers single touchscreen and interactive experiences
• Remotely manage players for connected or offline experiences
• Efficient ultra-thin design for streamlined serviceability
• Flawless 1080P and 4K at 60p
• Delivers vivid imagery and motion graphics in Full HD and 4K
• Runs engaging multi-asset experiences
• Streams live video image and audio feeds
• Delivers simple to sophisticated signage features
• Distributes crystal clear analog and digital audio
• Runs simple HTML widgets and animations
• Supports single-gesture touchscreen experiences
• Controls interactive integrations through USB-C
• Fits into tight spaces with compact ultra-thin design
• Flexible for online or offline deployments
• Stay connected with ethernet and an optional dual antenna
• Wi-Fi module Remotely monitor control and update players with Control Cloud
• Reliable locking power and removeable micro SD card storage

At its price point the BrightSign LS5 stands out with its unmatched quality in HD 4K and HTML5 performance as well as a variety of specialized features for signage. The HD and 4K models can effortlessly showcase looping video graphics and HTML content while supporting digital audio and USB-C interactive peripherals. This signage solution comes equipped with a locking power cord ethernet and optional dual antenna Wi-Fi module to ensure a reliable connection to a free Control Cloud subscription and preferred CMS. The LS5’s compact and slim design allows it to fit seamlessly in any space and its use of BrightSign OS maximizes security reliability and longevity. Overall the LS5 is a valuable and cost-effective choice for a diverse range of straightforward signage needs.

3.5mm Analog & Digital Audio OutYes
HDMI 2.0a Out1
Dimensions W x D x H126.6 x 141.84 x 19.41 mm
Warranty1 year (2 year in EU/UK)

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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code BrightSign LS445.
Product Category: Digital Signage.