BrightSign XT1145 (Digital Signage)

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We are an authorised Brightsign reseller and can supply their full current range of media players. We can advise and supply systems designed to meet specific client needs ranging from basic looping playback to complex multi-screen and multi-site options. Updating can be achieved remotely via locally, via LAN, FTP site or via the Brightsign network and complex scheduling and interactivity options are possible. We have a large stock of Brightsign media players in rental stock if short term use is required.

We actively use Brightsign media players in temporary and permanent installation situations so we are able to use our real life experience to advise on how best to achieve ytour aims. Generally the key work can be done at the planning and configuration stage and from there updates can be acheived in a relatively straightforward manner as the flexibility of the system can offer a bewildering array of options when presented to the initial user. The media playback is from a removable mini SD card and there are no moving parts which offer great reliability - usually the only limitation is the choice of SD card which wear out eventually. We can advise on reliable options.

BrightSign XT1145

BrightSign XT1145 Powerful Ultra-Thin Player

BrightSign XT5 delivers power performance and flexibility to create captivating experiences with confidence. This product line consists of three ultra-thin models all capable of delivering stunning 8K video and impressive HTML motion graphics performance. With a wide range of connectivity and HDMI options each model offers extensive I/Os to accommodate various add-ons and engagement features.

The HDMI input option plays live TV or video from outside sources while the dual HDMI outputs allow for simultaneous display on two screens. The remarkable versatility power and performance of BrightSign XT5 guarantees an exceptional experience not only in the present but also for years to come.

• Plays brilliant 1080p to 8K video
• Supports dual 4K video decoding to drive two screens at once
• Runs highly responsive motion graphics at high frame rates
• Streamlined deployments with PoE+ and comprehensive I/O capabilities
• Efficient ultra-thin design with anodized aluminium enclosure
• Runs BrightSignOS


This item is not currently in stock, but is on order. Current due date is 22/06/2024.
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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code BrightSign XT1145.
Product Category: Digital Signage.