Listen Z-LW-200P-16-02 (Audio Accessories)

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Listen Z-LW-200P-16-02

Listen Everywhere 16 Channel Server

The Listen EVERYWHERE LW-200P-16 is capable of broadcasting 16 channels of audio to audiences of up to 1000 users. Connect to your existing Wi-Fi network and stream low latency audio directly to guests’ devices using the free mobile app or by providing Wi-Fi Audio Receivers at your venue to meet ADA compliance. Cloud-based management allows for simple management of the server and listening devices including supporting custom welcome message videos or logos sliding banners and more all providing another point of contact with your clients and customers. Experience great quality audio and industry leading low latency audio at your venue with a 16 channel Wi-Fi Audio Server.

The LW-200P-16 is a great option for venues with many audio sources multi-lingual applications multi-screen and assistive listening environments conference centers sports bars houses of worship interpretation and hospitality.


• Consumer and Professional inputs
• Uses existing wireless network (Wi-Fi)
• Low latency (see demo video)
• ADA compliant (with receivers and neck loops)
• Stream audio to venue provided receivers and guest devices
• 16 channels per server (stackable)
• Up to 1000 users
• Great quality and reliability
• Simple to setup
• Low power consumption
• Heavy-duty chassis


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code Listen Z-LW-200P-16-02.
Product Category: Audio Accessories.