BIAMP IS8-118WR 911.1154.900 (Subwoofers)

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High Power 18-Inch Subwoofer Grey

I SERIES Subwoofer 800 loudspeakers provide exemplary acoustic performance modular flexibility and elegant aesthetics for modern performance venues. Designed to support the goals of systems integrators and consultants both acoustically and mechanically I SERIES Subwoofers provide a broad range of sizes and capabilities that can be specifically matched to the needs of any modern venue.

The compact low-profile single driver I SERIES subwoofers are ideal for distributed or concealed sub-bass and are the perfect choice for ground stack applications. Additionally each cabinet was carefully designed to provide matching face widths and suspension point locations for seamless integration into flown arrays with I SERIES full range models when additional LF extension is needed but a compact appearance is required. The broad range of optional low profile fly rails fly frames and modular array brackets reduce design and installation time while also providing improved aesthetics and nearly limitless integration possibilities.

The IS8-118 is a compact direct radiating subwoofer with large balanced ports that provide optimal enclosure tuning and even air pressure distribution to the driver cones reducing distortion and extending system longevity. FEA optimized linear suspensions and high flux neodymium motors with long linear excursion capabilities provide exceptionally deep bass for the enclosure’s size.

Community ALC3202D is recommended for this product. Higher power ALC configurations may be used safely as well.


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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code BIAMP 911.1154.900.
Product Category: Subwoofers.