NEC 75in Du-Co Room System 40001640 (Interactive Displays)

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NEC 75in Du-Co Room System

NEC 75 Du-Co Room System

Dual-Screen Room System for creative and interactive hybrid meetings
The 75” NEC Dual-Screen Room System combines two displays an interactive NEC MultiSync® M751 IGB and an identically designed non-interactive MultiSync® M751 IGB non-touch into a comprehensive user-friendly system. It is ideally suited for meeting and collaboration environments whether for fully present or hybrid team meetings. With a sleek and elegant design the display solution seamlessly fits into modern office spaces.

When working with an interactive and a non-interactive display in a dual-screen scenario users no longer need to compromise between design and functionality. With the 75” NEC Du-Co Room System users not only benefit from a visually pleasing solution but also an enhanced usability. Equipped with an InGlass™ touch display the system offers a best-in-class pen-on-paper writing experience. Optimised for video conferencing (VC) room systems the display solution facilitates creative processes in hybrid meetings such as in Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Don't compromise on design – combining an interactive and non-interactive display with the same sleek and elegant design.
Natural writing experience – it’s like working on paper! Whether using finger or pen the InGlass™ touch technology provides seamless interactive touch performance including Windows Ink and palm rejection.
Both displays featuring NEC Open Modular Intelligence (OMI) slot-in technology – choose scalable computing power with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 or the more powerful Intel® Smart Display Modules (Intel® SDM) for tailor-made solutions.
Mission-critical 24/7 ready operation – the meticulous selection of industrial-grade components and careful design focused on demanding usage scenarios accompany an impressive and continuous viewer experience.
Be more productive – get a one-year free license of FlatFrog Board for Rooms! FlatFrog Board whiteboard software makes hybrid work easy and equally productive for everyone.

Screen Size75 Inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Aspect ratio16:9
Response time8 ms
Number of Touch Points20

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Please contact us for a current price, quoting code NEC 40001640.
Product Category: Interactive Displays.