Panasonic Projector PT-MZ20KLBEJ

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Panasonic PT-MZ20KLBEJ Projector

20000lm WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector

Introducing the world’s smallest and lightest LCD projector with 20000 lm1. Optimized optical efficiency has resulted in a 25 % increase in brightness from the same body size as the 16000 lm2 PT-MZ16KL. The compact and sophisticated design harmonizes with open halls and hybrid learning spaces. Images from PT-MZ20K Series are easily visible even in brightly lit areas making it suitable for a wide range of applications from large-screen projection at lectures and seminars to powerful exhibition presentations at museums.

PT-MZ20K Series achieves the world’s quietest1 operation at 42 dB2. Not only does it keep participants focused it also contributes to an improved sound environment for applications such as hybrid conferences. When a quieter environment is required noise level can be further reduced to
36 dB3 by setting the projector to QUIET Mode. This helps create an environment where all viewers can concentrate on the presentation.

Pure White Generator Delivers High Brightness and Rich Color
Pure White Generator developed by Panasonic Connect contributes to rich color reproduction at high brightness of up to 20000 lm1. Efficient light collection uses a multi-reflection system to minimize loss of light-source energy noticeable with conventional systems. It achieves an optimal color balance without sacrificing brightness for realistic and accurate color expression.

Dynamic Contrast NX Realizes a New Dimension of Light and Dark Control
Dynamic Contrast NX a further evolution of Dynamic Contrast uses a newly developed video-scene analysis circuit to recognize differences in brightness and darkness more precisely than before.

Environmentally Friendly Energy-Saving Design from Transport to Maintenance
Light and compact body improves loading efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions associated with transport. In addition MZ20KL boasts the world’s lowest power consumption of any projector in its class1 to reduce resources required for daily operation. Laser light source and filter don’t need to be replaced for 20000 hours2 minimizing use of consumable parts and other waste. From transportation to operation and maintenance the environmentally friendly design reduces labor and costs while supporting CSR SDGs and other green initiatives.

Multi-Laser Drive Engine Anticipates Unforeseen Circumstances
Multi-Laser Drive Engine ensures stable projection even if light-source problems occur. The projector is equipped with multiple modules consisting of many laser diodes and in the unlikely event one of the elements malfunctions Panasonic Connect’s unique Failover Circuitry is activated so that projection can continue with virtually no reduction in brightness. This allows the projector to be used with peace of mind in situations where a drop in brightness could affect important presentations such as large-scale lectures and seminars.

Long-Term Stability with Unique Liquid-Cooling System and Dustproof Structure
To achieve high brightness and stable operation we adopted a liquid-cooling system originally developed for our DLP™ projection systems. This efficient design circulates cooling liquid to the light-source modules directly preventing temperature increases associated with high-brightness projection. Combined with a highly reliable original dustproof structure the system enables stable performance even in hot dusty environments.

Backup Input1 Function for Enhanced Reliability
Backup Input1 function enables seamless projection even if the input signal is disrupted. With HDMI 1 set as the primary input and HDMI 2 set as the secondary input the projector switches to HDMI 2 in as little as 0.3 seconds2 if the signal to HDMI 1 is disrupted. This improves reliability and ensures stable operation in environments where video presentation must not be interrupted.

Brightness (Normal)20000 ANSI Lumens
Brightness Category15K+ Lumens
Native resolution1920 x 1200
Contrast ratio (typical)3000000:1
Weight23 Kg

Stock Level: 1.

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Please contact us if you would like advice on lens choices.
ET-EMS600 1.35-2.11:1 Lens for MZ16K Series
ET-EMS650 1.35–2.10:1 (WUXGA) Zoom Lens
ET-EMT700 2.11 4.14:1 Lens for MZ16K Series
ET-EMT750 2.10–4.14:1 (WUXGA) Zoom Lens
ET-EMT800 4.14 7.44 1 Lens for MZ16K Series
ET-EMT850 4.14–7.40:1 (WUXGA) Zoom Lens
ET-EMW200 0.48-0.55:1 Lens for MZ16K Series
ET-EMW300 0.55-0.69:1 Lens for MZ16K Series
ET-EMW400 0.69 0.95:1 Lens for MZ16K Series
ET-EMW500 0.95-1.35:1 Lens for MZ16K Series

The Panasonic Lens throw ratio calculator is a useful tool for verifying which lens will suit your needs.